Capital group optimization

At Carnelian Partners we have managed to acquire unique competence and experience in optimizing capital groups and corporation structures.

Every business organization reaches certain development stage, which requires strategic decisions of major importance related to ownership or structural changes, such as separation of ownership and management functions, change in relations between owners or investors, as well as business allocation into strategic business units (SBUs). Usually, above transformations require capital and resources reallocation.

We assist our Clients in developing optimal group structures, designing effective transformation strategies, as well as defining SBUs and internal relations between them. Before advising on in-depth organization changes we execute comprehensive analysis of a business, its external environment and strategic goals. Our solutions are focused on efficiency increase of all strategic business units, which leads to growth in shareholder value.

Our approach helps to effectively design and implement all transformation processes, which include spin-offs, asset or SBU reallocation. While implementing above transformations we take into consideration all financial, legal and tax aspects of the process in order to minimize risks and costs.

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