Financing from private markets

Modern financial markets offer a wide variety of business financing options, which vary in terms of cost as well as risk level. Therefore, in our view, support of professional consultant is crucial to define which source of financing would assure maximal level of funds at low level of business risk and cost.

At Carnelian Partners we specialize in assistance to private and public organizations looking to acquire funds to support expansion of existing operations, as well as growth oriented projects. We also assist our Clients in developing systems for strategic and operation planning.

While taking into consideration the total cost of capital and level of risk we develop optimal financing structures, which are based on detailed business plans, feasibility studies, as well as cost of capital optimizing models.

While developing optimal financing structures we take into consideration:

  • Debt financing, which includes both credits and purpose loans, as well as various types of debentures,
  • EU and governmental financing,
  • Private placements,

As soon as the optimal financing scheme is developed, we provide our Clients with full assistance in the fund raising process, which covers preparation of memorandum/ prospectus, as well as negotiations with financing institutions leading to a successful closing.

We also assist our Clients in liquidity rebuilding process (if required), as well as potential adjustments in working capital management. We also have a unique experience in complex debt to equity swap transactions.

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