Mergers and acquisitions

In a market characterized by consolidation trends, mergers and acquisitions remain an inherent element of business growth strategies.

In our opinion, in order to complete a successful acquisition or disinvestment transaction it is necessary to identify accurate investors or acquisition targets, precisely define financial terms of the deal and develop effective negotiation strategy that would lead to achieving desired results.

At Carnelian Partners we have successfully executed numerous M&A transactions, including the most complex ones that involved purchase/sale of shares, enterprises or their organized parts as well as mergers, incorporations and spin-offs.

Our experience as well as unique approach focused on identifying most efficient transaction structures enables us to effectively complete the deal process at minimal risk.

Our assistance related to acquisitions and disinvestments includes:

  •  identification of optimal acquisition targets or potential investors,
  •  valuations,
  • development of optimal transaction structure from business, financial tax and legal point of view,  
  • development of required transaction documents and complex support throughout negotiation process.

Additionally, we offer our Clients complex support in organization or execution of due diligence process.

As far as mergers are concerned, our assistance includes design of optimal merger plan focused on maximizing expected synergy effects, as well as merger process implementation including preparation of required documentation and negotiations of financial parameters of the transaction.

Additionally to M&A transactions we also assist our Clients in LBO, MBO and privatization processes.

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