Pre IPO and IPO assistance

Our experience in acquiring funds on capital markets, as well as day to day observation of financial investors’ behavior shows that a success of share or bond issue is related to both previous financial results of a company, as well as market perception and evaluation of its business growth strategy.
In our opinion, detailed, credible and responsible vision of utilization of funds to be raised on the stock market, which confirms feasibility of planned investments and shows prospective value growth of the business, represents a key element of the IPO process.

Basing on our experience acquired through assistance in numerous IPO processes, our knowledge of criteria applied by stock market investors to verify attractiveness of share offerings, as well as day-to day monitoring of the stock market, we can offer our Clients complex assistance in preparation for stock exchange debut.  In our opinion, right preparation for the IPO represents a key element of successful placement measured by the level of funds raised on the market.

Carnelian Partners provides full range of business optimization measures which help to identify and release all potential growth reserves, as well as develop convincing value increase strategy basing on existing resources and resources that can be acquired externally. 

Our pre-IPO assistance also covers corporate governance issues. We help our Clients not only to meet the corporate governance requirements of the stock market, but we also assist them on how to apply the corporate governance tools in day-to-day monitoring of the growth strategy.

Additionally to pre-IPO stage, we provide our Clients with services related to right presentation of the offering, including preparation of prospectus, direct marketing, as well as coordination of efforts of other specialists, like brokers, lawyers, auditors and PR experts, required to successfully finalize the process.

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