Product strategies

Our extensive experience gained in various sectors of economy allows us to precisely define key success factors in different market sectors and forecast trends, which are crucial for efficiency of strategic planning related to product positioning on particular market segments.

We assist Clients in product portfolio optimization that takes into consideration the perception of product value added among customers, margins on particular products, as well as demand and competition level. We provide support in launching new products to existing markets, as well as existing products to new markets.

We develop market entry strategies to both Polish market as well as markets of particular EU countries, including primarily Germany. Our approach is based on in-depth knowledge of needs and expectations of clients, which are monitored by our international partners.

Carnelian Partners also assists Clients in developing strong and recognizable brands. Our unique experience in brand valuation, based on sensitivity analysis and risk factors in brand development helps us effectively advise on implementation of brand value management systems that are cruicial for maintaining competitive advantage.

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