Dr Marek Roman – Senior Partner

Dr Marek Roman – Senior PartnerCertified Management Consultant in the area of strategy consulting licensed by the Institute of Management Consultancy in London.
Marek Roman specializes in building competitive advantage and shareholder value, as well as raising funds on private markets.

Marek Roman holds a graduate degree in physics from Warsaw University, as well as PhD on non-linear optics. Marek Roman is an author of numerous international publications on lasers and their utilization, including pioneer studies in the area of large power excimer lasers. He is a co-founder and long-term Managing Partner of EVIP Business Consulting Group, responsible for consulting operations and product development (until June, 2006). Marek Roman is a co-inventor of modern business consulting in Poland.

For numerous years Marek Roman has been acting as investment plenipotentiary of Coca-Cola in Poland. He has also executed multiple most complex investment and M&A projects in Poland. In 1997 – 1999 Marek Roman created and participated in the execution of a revitalization concept for Gdynia and Gdańsk Shipyards.

He is also a co-author of restructuring program for Polish steel sector, including consolidation process of Katowice, Sendzimira, Florian and Cedler Steel Mills that led to a creation of “Polish Steel Mills”. He has also led restructuring and ownership transformation processes in numerous companies from distilling, furniture and automotive sectors. Some of the above projects have also included product portfolio optimization and brand creation.
Marek Roman has also extensive experience in the execution of projects related to strategic planning and business efficiency increase executed for several companies from construction and mining sectors, including Mostostal Warszawa S.A., KGHM S.A. and Osiecznica Sand Mine. He has also arranged financing for numerous investment and real estate development projects.

Currently, activities of Marek Roman are focused on consulting projects related to building competitive advantage and fundamental value with the use of opportunities resulting from Poland’s integration into EU, including assistance in investment processes of Polish entrepreneurs on German and UK markets.

Marek Roman spends his limited free time skiing, horseback riding, windsurfing and visiting famous architectural monuments. He shares his passions with his daughter.

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